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Appraisal Training

Published On 06-05-2013 , 5:20 PM

For those who have not heard, the Louisiana Bankers Association is sponsoring a series of six webinars that will cover a variety of appraisal topics. Each webinar will be an hour in length. It may seem like a bit of shameless self-promotion to mention this webinar series in a blog posting, as I will be the presenter for each of the six webinars. However, I genuinely feel that all of the webinars will be of benefit to small and medium sized banks. As such, discussing the webinars herein not only benefits me but should also be educational for all bankers involved in credit administration or real estate lending.


Please consider this your personal invitation to sign up for the first webinar in the series, which will cover general appraisal concepts on June 19th. Appraisal concepts are foundational for those who bid/engage appraisers or review appraisal reports. In fact, some of the guidance found in the later webinars will be better understood by those who have been exposed to the concepts and terms covered in the first webinar.


Each webinar will last one hour: from 3:00 to 4:00 PM one Wednesday per month. The webinar schedule is as follows:


6/19/13 – General Appraisal Concepts


7/17/13 – Appraisal List and the Engagement Process


8/28/13 – General Appraisal Review Concepts


9/25/13 – Residential Appraisal Review


10/16/13 – Commercial Appraisal Review – Sales Comparison Approach


11/20/13 – Commercial Appraisal Review – Income Approach


Webinar registration is easy and painless. Registration can be done on-line in the Education section of LBA will also offer recordings of all the completed webinars, in case there are any you missed.



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