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Appraisal Engagement Procedures

Published On 04-24-2013 , 5:50 PM

The Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines mandate that every bank establish an Appraisal Program. The portion of this program that pertains to appraisal engagement can be codified by a bank in one of three ways:
1)      Completely covered in the appraisal  ...

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Excess Land versus Surplus Land

Published On 04-24-2013 , 5:44 PM

From what I and some of my fellow review appraisers have seen, some misunderstandings remain about excess and surplus land. One problem we run into is a failure to identify the existence of surplus or excess land.
It is easy to move machine-like through appraisal assignments, doing all the  ...

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Modifications to Existing Credits

Published On 04-17-2013 , 3:28 PM

One appraisal issue that is particularly gray and hard to understand crops up with modifications to existing credits. I am not talking about loan renewals, but a whole host of more nebulous things, such as:
·         Change in interest rate
·&n ...

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Returning to Hotels

Published On 04-17-2013 , 3:16 PM

In responding to a question that arose from last week’s blog, I learned that it will be beneficial to dig a little deeper into USPAP. I stated last week that USPAP does not require appraisers to conclude a value for intangible assets. That statement is true but probably needs a little unpackin ...

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Engaging Appraisals for Hotel Loans

Published On 04-10-2013 , 4:53 PM

I recently reviewed two hotel appraisals and, in each case, the appraisal valued the operating hotel and split that value into real estate and FF&E. Intangible assets, also known as business value or business enterprise value, were not a part of the allocation process. That may be fine if the re ...

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