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Best Practices Tips

Published On 06-12-2013 , 5:01 PM

Recently, I have reviewed some appraisals that contain elements that I would consider best practices, or at the very least, good ideas.
Fee Simple Hypothetical Condition:
When a property is leased, many clients request a report that concludes a value for the fee simple estate, as w ...

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Expensive Appraisal vs. Modest Loan Amount

Published On 06-12-2013 , 4:55 PM

I heard it in my many years as a bank review appraiser who bid and engaged appraisers and I hear it now from banks that I assist with consulting services. The loan amount is low, often below $250,000, and the appraisal fee is high. The loan officer blows a gasket and the borrower threatens to walk t ...

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Reflecting the Market

Published On 06-05-2013 , 5:21 PM

Much of appraising involves research: research into market trends and neighborhood influences on the subject property, research of the subject’s historical transactions and current marketing status, research into the maintenance record of the property, inspection research, research to find com ...

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Appraisal Training

Published On 06-05-2013 , 5:20 PM

For those who have not heard, the Louisiana Bankers Association is sponsoring a series of six webinars that will cover a variety of appraisal topics. Each webinar will be an hour in length. It may seem like a bit of shameless self-promotion to mention this webinar series in a blog posting, as I will ...

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